Art Canopy at Cubberley

meet, learn, rest, educate and play 

To increase awareness of our relationship to the beauty and inherent functionality of our native Bay Area environment, On40 will encourage and enable designers, artists and technologists to work together to create a hybrid natural/technological canopy that reconnects us to the function of the native oak and walnut canopy that brought life to the area, and has all but disappeared in urbanized areas over the last 100 years.

 On40 will design, curate, and provide funding for art canopy designs that integrate technological and natural materials. These sculptural oases can provide shade, rest, solar power, internet connectivity, nursery, wildlife habitat, water management, etc, in which to meet, learn, rest, educate and play. They will provide a cultural and physical bridge to future restoration of our natural canopy, wildlife land bridges, etc

Oak tree canopies provide a natural meeting space and take generations to grow.

Art canopy concepts

on40 Art Canopies will provide a bridge to future restoration of our natural canopy.