About On40

On40 is a Land and Social Architecture for urban and suburban public spaces which cultivates connection to original land and sky for all beings.

The On40 environment is friendly, free, inspiring, harmonious, and encourages respect for the needs of all creatures that share it.


Our On40 Organization is a group of people of all ages interested in growing past the isolation and materialism of a me-first culture and cultivating supportive and caring connection between neighbors—our children, our seniors, our relatives, co-workers, and friends—in sharing work and opportunities, and in enabling healthy and vibrant confederations of interest, goods and services.

On40 Businesses

An On40 area aims to provide a nexus for a neighborhood, whose goal is to provide habitat and healthy ecosystems at the neighborhood level. The more home-owner neighbors provide natural landscaping, the more On40+ElkTrail’s goals of restoring the landscape are bolstered.  We provide a network of member advisors for garden landscaping, and home building in the On40 style.

We also advocate and cultivate a Basic Incomelike support system, where every member of local land-derived communities is guaranteed a minimum livelihood and a stress-minimized retirement, food and meals sharing, banking, shopping, natural gardening and ecosystem advice, networks of emotional support

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